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The Latest version is 2.314    Updated Oct 10 2018

This will fix "PROGRAM EXPIRED or REGISTRATION REQUIRED messages on version 2.308 and earlier.
This update is required once a year due to piracy of the software.  Simply update below.

This also includes the latest update to TOP HITS USA importing format and PROMO ONLY format AND top hits M, MP and VH series June 3 2009

THIS update will upgrade your software to the latest version. It does not overwrite your database in any way.
Use this update if you have version 2.158 or later to get to the current version.

"Could not initialize Installation. File size expected = 7230701, size returned = 3452478 or another #"
Please choose open instead of save and that should fix any download errors 

1. Close out of any mdb2000 software at this time.

2. Download link
Click here to start installing the update    (approx 2MB) 

Anti-virus programs may require you to click MORE INFO or additional details before you can install the software
similar to these screens but this will help AUTHENTICATE our software is safe.

New computer users read below:

It does require that you currently have version 2.158 or higher to upgrade with this file.

How to find your current version number?

You can see the version # at the top of the screen when you start the program)

New to downloading?  Click here for instructions
(New download instructions do say a different filename than on this 
page..but downloading is all the same)

If you have an OLDER version prior to 2.158 (like 2.157 or 2.151 or 2.101)
for older versions, you need to upgrade with the full upgrade, then you can quick-update after that.
The larger file for software is found here

What's new in this version? (scroll down the page to view details)

Note: Some of the new functions are still under testing in this version

(see version# at the top of this page)

It will update DEMO and REGISTERED copies of the program

Trouble installing? Contact Us

Recent History of fixes/enhancements/upgrades:
Free CD Ripper software
The software above will take the songs from CD's (a process called "ripping")
and record them to your hard drive as MP3 files
and then MDB2000 can catalog them all very easily!
New: MP3 DJ player with auto-cross fades
Latest MDB2000 Quick-Update Release Contains:
2.302 fixed counting of tracks error in internet lookup of CDS
2.301 fix to internet lookup of CDs
2.300 updated ability to get track listings from the INternet using CDROM in your drive.   all versions older long longer work for that feature.
2.271 update expiration date.
2.258-2.262 updated expiration date to July 2010. New MP3 importing section (faster). Top Hits RPM new data import functions.
2.257 ability to create MP3 playlists for your favorite music players
2.252-2.256 minor bug fixes
2.252  XMiX DJ series import function ready for testing by customers.
2.250  updated the import songs from MMS (multi-music service) to be FREE yet until Oct 2007
2.249c removed feature to change all data in a column in the ENTIRE database to something else.
too many people clicking it by error. re-wrote the section to change a specific item within a column
when you right-click on data so that it displays better and logs the changes.
2.249b working with fixing installation on Windows Vista.
2.249a fixed error if db is locked (read only) a right-click on the search results allowed edits. 
This has been fixed.
2.249 fixed a small import error in PROMO ONLY DJ SERIES CD imports where ID = yes instead of an ID#
2.248 TOP HITS RPM import updated to support their latest 3 digit RH and RC series.
2.247 fixed RPM top hits usa import error on RH series.
2.244-245-246 updated the RPM/ TOP HITS USA import format. They changed it without notice to us.
2.243 working on a fix for DJIntelligence export/import
2.242 extended expiration date to Feb 15 2007 per registered computer.
Added reminder to backup the database if not done over 30 days from current date.
2.237 updated expiration date of software to June 1 2006. 
To combat hackers just update the software sometime between June 1 and July 30 2006
Expiration updates are (free) for paid customers. 2.236c bug fixed on text playlist creator function. 2.236b bug fixed on copy and paste within the search grid. 2.236-2.236a
removes the warning message to update registration per machine(free)
2.235c ability to manually enter songs and turn off auto-complete function
(thank you to Dorothy for this suggestion)
2.234-35 updated registration per each computer changed to Dec 2005
2.233 Updated DJ import feature of ERG track listings 2.230-232 various fixes including ability to import promo only dvd now
2.229 Software machine-based activation code required changed to June 2005 
You will need to update around May 2005 and by June 1 2005
to help stop pirated copies of this software
There is no fee to update.
Software now requires updates every 1-2 years to stop piracy.
Note: Microsoft requires updates about every 1-2 weeks so we are not making you
do anything near like they do.
2.227-28 Added new search functions and fixed minor bugs typing r* and searching will list only items that start with r
typing *rock will list all items that end in rock
added ability under mass changes to be able to DELETE an apostrophe out of
song titles or album titles as needed