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Customer support is limited to 60 minutes by phone.  After that, support is US $25 dollars per hour.

Installing on VISTA or WINDOWS 7?     when installing the demo or full version, save the mdb2000.exe file to your computer  and then RIGHT-CLICK and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR when installing it
                                                                     upgrading on a vista/win7 ?   save the mdbupdate.exe file to your computer and then  RIGHT-CLICK and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR when installing it

How to MOVE the program and DATABASE from one computer to another  (you are required to have a license for each machine)

Will it run on a Mac?   with this software here, yes.

Video Tutorials (various video tutorials)

How to disable auto-run when you put in a CD to connect to the Internet CDDB(tm) database 
click here

How to set the categories for importing MP3 files from CD or hard drive
This is found on the final tab of the add/import by MP3 import section of the software.

Free MP3 ripper software

CDDB control not registered or HANDSHAKE not working for cddb control

Grid/Category Display settings
It is easy to change the search grid categories (their order and which appear) 
Real Video Tutorial
| Windows Media Tutorial

Printing to PDF file for use to print at Fedex-Kinkos or other print shops HERE is a file to add PDF printing to your computer

Backing up the database to CDROM | Real Video Tutorial | Windows Media Tutorial

My program is asking for a new registration number. Just upgrade to the latest version here

YES, we can import your current database (in most cases) 
to MDB2000 format (MS Access '97).  Just email it to for review

How to print multi-column reports and make them non-duplicating

How to re-install the software after a computer crash and you have the 
data on a backup disk or drive.

How to print just the album titles (non-duplicated)


Can I use my existing Microsoft Access database?

Example: Searching by BPM and type of music 

How to install the Network version of Music Database 2000

If you are interested in using your existing Microsoft Access 97 or 2000 database with MDB2000 

Error: Can't find installable ISAM when importing or exporting data - Install this file

How to change the name of a category or field in your database

How to set a report to display album titles within a certain Purchase Date or Release Date Range

Click to view more details about this great music series!

Yes, we are attempting to get the track listings for DJ's for and  and ERG
These are two very good DJ music resources also.
Please keep calling them and requesting that they give you track listings
to save you time importing into our software.-Thanks!

Check out for some great DJ compilations!

Turning off Windows Vista UAC (user access controls)

Installing on Windows 95 machines (we do not guarantee this will work and may completely mess up your operating system, however these files are from Microsoft) USE AT OWN RISK


Windows 95 Update


Thank you.