How to move the Music Database files and program from a desktop computer to a laptop computer  (about 15 minutes)

1 If moving the files from another computer then copy the mdb2000 folder from the old computer. 
Here are the exact steps
OLD files are usually on windows XP usually it is located at c:\program files\mdb2000   or if a later version of windows then go to   c:\program files(x86)\mdb2000
a. Copy to a FLASH DRIVE the folder above and bring to the new computer.
b. Copy this entire folder and subfolders under it to the new computer xp put it c:\program files\mdb2000  and newer windows c:\program files(x86)\mdb2000

2 Install the full demo version from
If you are installing on a windows version later than XP then SAVE the file on the new computer first, then right-mouse click and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR 
                ALL updates on newer windows versions require right-click RUN as administrator for ALL UPDATES and when running normally.
For installing on XP, just double-click to start installing it or choose OPEN / RUN

REMEMBER, when running the software or updating the software on newer windows versions after XP save the file first and then right-mouse click
         and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR every time for windows 7 and later.

Have a great day!

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