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Version History

Recent History of fixes/enhancements/upgrades:

*NOTE* "Ready for testing" means this is the first release of new enhancements
       and some of them may not work right away.
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Version history for the latest small update is found here
Last Major Updates (approved and tested)
        Mar 04 2002 Fixes a small import error in Promo Only imports
	This only affects versions 2.168a-b-c-d of this software.
2.168c  Released 22 Feb 2002
	CDDB options fixed where multiple delimiters found in 
	title/artist will help fix importing:
        Example: Suzie Q-Sweet Hitchhiker-CCR 
        will translate to Title=Suzie Q-Hitchhiker and Artist = CCR
        where before it would move Hitchhiker over to Artist by error.
        Now you can remove the word "The" from song titles as you import
        from CDDB as a requested user option.
        Some various artist CD's would duplicate artist 
        within the title-Fixed bug.
	Enhancement where if the artist looks the same for each track
	then the program automatically checks the artist for all CD same box
	Improved enhancement for CD's where the Artist is the same and the
	song title contains the artist name.
        Fixed a few bugs with reversing title/artist button when adding cddb
        CD data to your database.
	CDDB title-artist delimiters re-adjusted for better splitting of 
	titles from artist listings in the CDDB database.
	Above features are generally tested but may not be 100% bug free.
2.168b&b1 Features easy to switch a view multiple 
       databases from an easy open database feature.  Features ability 
       to add a comment describing the database also.
       Fixed searching database with an apostrophe results now show.
       UNDER FINAL TESTING: Ability to export your song list
       to the best on-line song list services on the web: 

2.168a Changes made to save/store original registration code within the
       MDB2000 folder for future installs or easy reference.
2.168  International Date Formats re-programmed to work better with 
       date format of DD/MM/YYYY from UK and other countries.
       Extended the requirement of one license per computer to Aug 2002.
2.167b/c/d New Mass Data Changing functions. You can copy data from one 
       category to another.  You can copy part of the data from one
       category to another based on length or a "," or ":" delimiter.
2.167  Additional Testing of MP3 tag importing (soon)      
2.166c First test of MP3 ID tag importing (test as you wish)
       When padding ID numbers it displayed a small error but did not 
       affect the data. Manual Add Data page instructions clarified a bit more.
2.166b Restore Database displayed "Save as" and was changed to "Restore from"
       Grid LOCK/UNLOCK is now "remembered" each time you start the program.
2.166a Small installation fix to work with Windows XP. Cosmetic fix.
2.166  Added a new function for large usage CDDB users with their own ID
       from Gracenote(R). 99% of all users of this software do not need a special ID.
       Added new CDDB Control version works on 98-NT-ME-XP-2000
2.165d,e,f Fixed some installation bugs on first time installs where it would say there is
       a problem with the registration # when there was no number yet as it is a DEMO.
2.165c Fixed registration screen bug and delayed the request to register software for 6 months
       on individual machines for paid versions. 
2.165b Added ability to mass delete items in the database based on a single item search on the main
	search grid criteria that you specify.  To access this function, click on mass changes
	on the menu and select your option.  

2.165  Fixed bug in grid settings that would not update the grid selections
	 after you changed them.  Actually the Exit Back button was not working properly.
            Extended the program registration code request per computer to after December 2001 when
	we have more time to write it.  This will require a registration code for each computer
	running the software.

2.166 some cosmetic fixes mostly 
      and THIS VERSION GETS RID OF THE REGISTRATION request screen which was
      a bit confusing (sorry)
2.165d&e Fixed a few small installation bugs where the program would
       say that your registration # was not valid because you are a DEMO user.
2.165abc Fixed a few small registration screen errors and made it easier when
       you try to open an mdb2000 database and type the wrong filename.
       Registration screen reminder removed for 6 months where it requires 
       a new (FREE) registration number for your specific computer.
2.165  Fixed bug in grid settings that would not update the grid selections
       after you changed them.
2.164  new upgrade using CDDB2(tm) Internet database server (required by CDDB)
       Unfortunately requires at 16MB download to upgrade it.
2.160-163 Working on a new update that works with CABLE modems and high-speed
        access.  The testing is almost complete with very few bugs.  Apr-20-2001
2.159	(not out yet) NEW CONTROL and new way to download the software updates!
	Fixed minor bug when manually adding songs and a field required a 
	number and you pressed <ENTER> the program now accepts <ENTER> 
	as a ZERO entry into that category(field)
2.158   CDDB seems to have changed their servers when changing to
	We had to change our servers list. Download this latest version for access
	to CDDB Internet CD Database.  All prior versions will not work.
	Email us at for the the upgrade to above 2.161
	You may need to install a file called http.exe CLICK HERE Simply download it 
	and choose RUN when downloading it.
2.157a  Shortcut on desktop fixed
	When installing the full version from the website or CDROM it will
	not put extra text files on the desktop.
	Another small bug when checking for earlier versions was fixed.
	If you have 2.151-2.157 and run into these txt files being created
	on your desktop click here for an easy fix
2.157 	New CDDB import functionality is READY FOR YOUR TESTING.
	New READ-ONLY functionality ready for TESTING.
	1. Test out the new functionality of importing CD track listings
	data using cddb database on the Internet.  Not all the data
	in cddb is stored the same way and this update should fix a lot
	of the ways people have entered the data and allow you to fix
	the data BEFORE you import it into your database.
	2. Fixed small bug in the registration screen when you entered
	a registration number with letters and not numbers.
	3. Fixed the cddb artist reversing section so that Garth Brooks
	now can be Brooks-Garth when importing.
	4. Added a function when switching to artist last-first name, you
	now can determine what delimiter you want between last and first
	name such as comma or dash or slash if you like on the setup menu
	when you are on the cddb import screen.
	5. BIG ENHANCEMENT. On the main search grid SETUP MENU at the top you
	can now specify how the database is accessed from this specific computer
	such as read-only (no changes can be made) and other options.  This is
	used where you want users to have access to the database BUT no access
	to update it from a certain computer.  
2.156	New Grid Update for the program.
	1. There is a new printing grid update.  If you get an error
	printing "Object not supported error 438 in line 310" then
	you need to upgrade to the latest version. 
	2. A minor fix was done on the registration name at the top
	of the program (Thanks David) as it would append your registration
	info each time you went back to the main search grid.

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