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XMix Home Page 

Thank you to XMiX for working with MDB2000
They help bring an easy way to get great music for your you and organize the data in MDB2000

Please do not call XMiX for tech support on MDB2000 software, support is here

(Note this import function is free for a limited time)

XMix requires VERSION # 2.252 or higher of mdb2000 software
(check your version when you start MDB2000) 
If you need to upgrade mdb2000 click here

Download track listings database   CLICK HERE    for XMiX database from their website
Click the above link or right-click and save as on the link above to download the track listings
SAVE the file somewhere you can find it again ie:My Documents will work fine.
Track listings above are usually updated on the 5th and 20th of each month by XMiX

After you download and save it you can go into MDB2000
and choose add/import xmix database and pick the CD's you have in your collection into the MDB2000 database