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(Note this import function is free at this time but we do not guarantee that
this third-party company continue to allow us forever to import their data for their client use)

Print these if you are NEW to computers
First, Get the files from Promo Only Website
Note: This ability to import promo only is free at this time during testing

Always use the COMPLETE listings (not the latest individual series updates from promo's website)

Click here for USA Audio CD listings   (save ALL SERIES - right-click save as TABTEXT file)

USA DVD Listings

(make sure you only download the full/complete listings instead of the individual series
(DVD import feature only available on version 2.240 or higher) - updates page

Click here for Canadian Audio CD Listings 
(for CA listings choose Complete Text database)
RENAME the file after you unzip it to tabcomplete.txt
(See additional instructions on UN-ZIPPING the CA listings)

USE ONLY VERSION 2.240 of MDB2000 or later for promo imports.

Note MDB2000 version 2.168 had an import bug in it 
and is fixed with 2.169 or higher here

This will open a new window.
Scroll down the above page (after you click on it)
and choose the listings you want.

Instructions are below in MDB2000:

After you right-click and choose save-as or save to
on the filename from the above page (on promo's site)

You will see a screen like this

Double click the mdb2000 folder 
and then your screen should look
like this:

Then click Save button to save the file.

Then run mdb2000 and choose IMPORT from Promo Only

Here is a sample screen for importing from the mdb2000 folder

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