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This page is for downloading ERG track listings into Music Database Software

This page is only for instructions on how to import ERG data into Music Database Software
Do not call ERG for support on importing their track listings into this database
Contact us for support at or call 651-688-9600 (Minnesota, USA)

(Note this download file is free and import feature is FREE at this time
but may change to an add-on feature at a later date at additional cost)

Download File Instructions


This requires Music Database version 2.233 or higher to run
Download the latest MDB update here if you need it

There are 7 steps below on how to do this -- WE SUGGEST PRINTING THIS PAGE. 

1. Select your country and format below first

Download ERG USA DJ listings data here          (do not rename from tracklist.mdb)
Download ERG Canadian DJ listings data here    (do not rename from tracklist.mdb)
Download ERG USA Radio Station listings data here (do not rename from tracklist.mdb)

2. Choose the series that you want on the web page
(select ALL LISTINGS even though you may not have all listings as our system will allow you to pick which ones you have)
3. Choose Microsoft Access MDB for file format
4. Sort Order = Compilation
5. Download to a location on your computer where you can find the file like My Documents
6. Run MDB software and choose add/import and choose the ERG option
7. Follow the on-screen instructions next to import the data.